About United HVAC Pvt. Ltd.

About United HVAC Pvt. Ltd.

Our main promoters Mr. Vinod Cherian & Mr. Pramod Cherian are qualified engineers who have vast experience in HVAC designing & execution of various magnitude.

We have a staff strength of 100+ technically qualified staff team, hence you can expect the best from us.

We at United HVAC are a highly experienced and established team of HVAC professionals committed to making a difference to every project we undertake.

We have 16 years of experience in this field of comfort and commercial air-conditioning and belong to the top niche authorized sales and service dealers for brands like Carrier. Our client base includes a wide range of industries and establishments.


  1. System proposal with basis of designs and heat loads.
  2. Producing construction drawings.
  3. Collaborating with PMC, HVAC consultant and Architects.
  4. Testing and commissioning of HVAC systems.
  5. Handing over documents.
  6. As built drawings.


  1. Regular maintenance for all your cassettes, splits and ducted AC’s, package units, VRV and chillers.
  2. We provide maintenance for all brands of AC for all tonnages.
  3. Certified technicians.
  4. AMC contracts for HVAC.

United HVAC Pvt. Ltd. provides you with the finest and most comprehensive range of services, to take care of your air-conditioning system. With our experience and expertise, we optimize your system and ensure maximum energy efficiency, perfect air distribution and provide superior indoor air quality.
Very often, customers tend to believe that maintaining air conditioning systems needs no great expertise, and in case of a breakdown, any local AC repair technician can repair it. But while local technicians might be an easy option, they don't have the kind of extensive knowledge required on the science of cooling. They lack adequate understanding of indoor air quality, air side management and energy efficiency. Neither do they know the designs and circuits well enough for them to optimize your system periodically, nor do they have the infrastructure and resources necessary to handle your system, in case of eventualities. In fact, relying on them can only cause inconvenience, apart from potential loss of business and productivity. On the other hand, our experts and customer focused professionals periodically check your entire system, repair and replace the necessary parts and calibrate the system for perfect air distribution and balancing.

On opting for a Service Solution from United HVAC Pvt. Ltd., you avail of the following unbeatable advantages:

A prominent leader in the service market, we provide an assortment of services to enhance the cooling of the world, responsibly. We focus on sales, installations, preventive measures, repairs and corrective maintenance for domestic and industrial customers. It's been a few years since the company has cropped up, but has made a distinguished name and a niche for itself with its record-breaking, all-encompassing and delighting services.

PRIORITY SERVICE: All customers who opt for our annual service solutions are offered priority service, so that your calls get attended quicker and the system is up faster.

PREVENTIVE CHECKS: Under all our service solutions, we offer preventive maintenance checks which help in identifying problems early, preventing costly down times.

GENUINE SPARES: By opting for our service solution, you are assured of genuine spares that will go a long way in ensuring high uptime for your system.

EXTENDED LIFE: Genuine Spares and regular maintenance help in extending the life of your system.

SEASONAL SETTINGS: In summer, you would prefer lower temperatures and when the climate is cold you often feel the need to change your settings to higher temperatures. Before the onset of a season, our engineers calibrate the air conditioning system to suit.

So, protecting your expensive and technologically advanced air conditioning equipment from damage is as important as your initial investment. And we, at United HVAC Pvt. Ltd. , help you do that. Thus providing you with the finest and most comprehensive range of Service Solutions....